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Welcome to the Team Page of
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JBBBS Team Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $60,000.00
Total Raised: $49,719.70

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 36

Join Our Team

Team Members:
Total Raised$49,719.70  
General Team Donation$6,392.00  
Thomas Cheatham$1,588.00  
   Gregory Altshuler$0.00  
   Natahsa Altshuler$0.00  
   Dan Backer$100.00  
   David Bamel$100.00  
   Lester Blumberg & Robin Hasenfeld$1,754.00  
   Alexander Cutler$500.00  
   David Cutler$0.00  
   Mark Druy$1,097.00  
   Alan Fanger$904.00  
   Rob Fish$3,361.00  
   Neal Gordon$997.00  
   Jack Kadis$2,885.00  
   Margie Kaufman$1,863.00  
   Jennifer Lesnick$55.00  
   Deb Levin$190.00  
   Steve Levin$0.00  
   Harvey Lowell$2,668.00  
   Shalom Lowell$0.00  
   Ben Marsh$784.00  
   Elyse Marsh$568.00  
   Alan Meixner$2,525.00  
   Alexander Morgart$100.00  
   Johnny Morgart$100.00  
   Joseph Morgart$100.00  
   Lauren Morgart$461.00  
   Debbie Nierman$783.00  
   Rick Penn$13,417.00  
   Howard REUBENSTEIN$1,847.00  
   Marc Rosenblum$931.70  
   Fran Salter$1,844.00  
   Gary Shaw$0.00  
   Karen Sisselman$200.00  
   Josh Smith$0.00  
   Andy Spear$50.00  
   Peter Weichman$1,555.00  

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